Oregon Coast Sportman's Expo

The 2015 Oregon Coast Sportsman's Expo was an great success!  Many thanks to all who participated and attended.  Planning is already underway for the 2016 event.  Watch the web and listen to KSHL for details.  Visit oregoncoastsportsmansexpo.com to learn more!


News in Lincoln County

KSHL is proud to work with Dave Morgan at News Lincoln County, Lincoln County's Internet news source, to keep you up to date on all the happenings here in Lincoln County.  Now two easy ways to keep informed... on the radio at 97.5 FM and on line at www.newslincolncounty.com!  Tune in and visit today! 




Crook & Chase Country Countdown

Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase host the Country Countdown each Sunday at 8AM here on KSHL.  Chatting with today's favorite stars, Lorianne and Charlie bring you the top 30 hottest country hits... plus the latest from Nashville!

Click Here for the Top 30 Songs!




RiseUp! With John Ritter

Join us Sunday's beginning at 6AM for RiseUp! with John Ritter.  Inspiration messages and your favorite country stars, it's a special way to spend Sunday mornings with 97.5 KSHL.  To catch the latest with John Ritter, click here.



KSHL's Weather Station

KSHL's renowned Heathkit ID-5001 weather station computer now links to our website. This enables you to monitor the latest weather conditions from the KSHL Studios in Newport, uploading data to KSHL.com every 5 minutes, so remember to click refresh for the latest data. Click here to check it out. Also check out the links to the latest in Tide Table information.  Bookmark KSHL.com and keep informed on the latest in weather conditions.  It's a fun way to watch and monitor our Oregon Coast Storms.


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