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5pm - Saturday – July 27th


Are You the Next Country Star?

Do you know someone with a great talent for country music?

The Texaco Country Showdown is open to any qualified contestant, individual singer, duet or band – from ANYWHERE - not limited to Lincoln County Residents – With the opportunity to win $500 in our local contest, $1000 for the state winner, a trip to Nashville, with the opportunity to win $100,000 in the national competition!!!

Entry forms are available now at Toby Murry Toyota, South Beach


The KSHL Colgate Country Showdown Local Final is not a karaoke contest. It is a nation-wide talent search for the next great country music acts. This can be individual singers, instrumentalist, duets, full bands, etc.

All acts are required to perform country music ONLY.

Extra points can be awarded for original music.

There is a one-time $15 fee for each act.

KSHL Texaco Country Showdown Local Final Rules:

KSHL is a pre-selected entrant local final. There are a limited number openings in the Local Final. To be considered as a local finalist you must:

    1. Submit an audition CD or cassette directly to KSHL for consideration. Submit a recording of the two songs you would be singing, not over seven minutes total performance time. Songs can be submitted on CD (preferred), or cassette. Include phone number, e-mail address, a recent photo and a brief bio.

b. Auditions must be received at KSHL by July 12th.

c. Successful entrants will be notified by KSHL by July 14th.

All selected entrants must submit an official entry form, pay the entry fee of $15 and comply with the rules and eligibility for the Colgate Country Showdown as posted on

Finalists will be given one admission pass per performer to the event grounds (minors receive 2 - one for contestant and one for a parent or guardian).

ALL contestants must provide their own song tracks (if using them).

All performances are live, with or with-out your pre-recorded tracks. The only pre-contest rehearsal is on contest day, as a sound check, time to be determined.

Contest Tips:

Over the many years that KSHL has produced the KSHL Local Finals we have had many successes; three state runners-up, three state winners and two regional first runners-up.

      1. Sign-up as a contestant on the national website; There is a wealth of information, fun contests and it's a free benefit as a contestant.

      2. Write at least one original song. Very few contestants make it past the local final without one. Copyrighting your original song (required) is easy, KSHL has copies of the form for you.

      3. If you are coming in from out-of-the-area, come early to acclimate your voice to coastal conditions. Many singers have trouble adjusting.

      4. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Lots of singers have many ideas about their voice conditioning – salty, greasy food to sucking on hard candy – but nothing beats hydration.

      5. The most important judging category is “marketability in country music” - This is not always the most perfect voice, it's the “whole package” - stage presence, talent and all.

      6. Be yourself.

KSHL Showdown Co-coordinator:

Stephanie Linn,


KSHL Radio

PO Box 1180 – Newport, Oregon 97365